Interview with Child O Mine tribute band co-founder and lead guitarist, 15 year old Caden Pickering.

SGNB Records had the honor of chatting with the lead guitarist and co-founder of Detroit’s newest and hottest Guns N Roses tribute band, Child O Mine. Caden is the 15 year old guitarist that blew me away when I saw of video of him nailing the Welcome To The Jungle solo at band practice. The band sounded amazing and I had to learn more about them.

According to the band’s manager (also Caden’s dad),

” Caden took off playing Metallica and turned his liking to Slash of GnR. Since then he has mimicked Slash in his performances right down to every note. He wanted to start a tribute band and asked me how to get started. We posted on a Facebook group for local musicians looking for each of the group members. We immediately got message from Kyle ( stating he wants to be a part of it as Izzy. He offered practice space and other members that he knows. Once we met Kyle, we found out that he has already had two previous GnR tribute bands and he is the Messiah of Rock and Roll in Detroit. Once he heard Caden rip off some solo’s and hold his own as Slash, he invited Chris to play drums as Adler and Kevin to sing as Axl. We got in a few practice sessions in January and were all struck with Covid which took most of Feb away from us. We are now back in the game and ready to start gigging across the nation.”

SGNB Records: What is your favorite GnR song to perform and why?

Caden: Welcome to the Jungle because it’s really energizing to play.

SGNB Records: What age did you start playing, who inspired you to start playing besides Slash and are you planning on pursuing music as a career?

Caden: Started playing at age 12. I was playing Metallica before Guns and Roses.

SGNB Records: Do you play any other instruments?

Caden: I can play November rain intro on piano but that is it. Other projects I am working on are an acoustic cover for 80s top 40 with Kyle and have received an invite to play for Bloodstone (Judas Priest) which did not pan out. I am considering another band, maybe a cover so I can play more hits from the 80s like Skid Row. I would very much like to meet Slash some day.

SGNB Records: If you could share the stage with anyone ( besides GnR 😉 who would it be and why?

Caden: Cinderella or anyone from the 80s hair bands. It was a awesome era for music.

Caden from

SGNB Records: I know in Colorado where SGNB Records is based, we have a large and incredibly talented tribute band scene, with many of them opening for national headlining acts and taking the stage at popular festivals. What tribute bands are getting noticed in the Detroit, MI area?

Caden: Bloodstone, Judas Priest tribute is very prominent in Detroit and will soon be making themselves a national act. Wrecking Crew, Motley Crue tribute dominates this area. Soon we will be the dominant GnR in the area.

SGNB Records: What are your plans for 2022?

Caden: Touring a larger area than just Detroit.

SGNB Records: What are your passions outside of music?

Caden: Baseball.

SGNB Records: What bands are you guys listening to currently?

Caden: Skid Row, Cinderella, Metallica, Motley Crue, Poison, Steelheart.

SGNB Records: Have any of you met any members of Guns N Roses or have a good story? If so where and when? If not, what is one question you’d ask and who?

Caden: Steven Adler plays in a local band here in Detroit and most of the band members have met him.

SGNB Records: Where can people see you live? Any upcoming shows?

Caden: Our first upcoming show has not been determined yet but we do have two invites from the Token lounge and Detroit Diesel when we are ready.

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You gotta check this band out, seriously, give em a like and a follow, if you’re in the Detroit area go see them live (and send me videos)!

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