An Interview with rapper Myloh Remora

1. Tell us a bit about yourself that you think we should know…where you’re from, musical background, influences, etc….

I’m from Upland,CA but grew up in Rialto,CA. I’ve always kinda just been this way. I was an awkward kid who used music and art as an escape. I kept a journal for like 18 years until I lost most of them. I think since life is so demanding and at times tragic, art just frees me. Music is to me what virtual reality will be for everyone in the future. My influences are Eminem, Andre 3000, Fiona Apple & really 10,000 indie artists that I play on Spotify. I don’t know much about them but they are what keeps me creative.

What was the defining moment for you that you knew you wanted to be a musician?

There are so many! Like at 15 when I crushed on a girl Sarah, who was taken by someone at the time. I wrote her tons of love letters in spite of him and he threatened to beat me up. I wrote an Eminem style diss track on him or at my grandmama’s house at age 9 and I’m freestyling a Michael Jackson schemed song about candy or me and Samurai at age 11, writing about girls to instrumentals. Even winning the high school talent show.

Talk To Me Wrong is a fantastic track. It has a lot going on for the listener to absorb and so you end up listening several times to try to catch it all. I love that about this song, it’s sort of intriguing. What’s the story behind it and the Episodes?

Talk to Me Wrong is my jam! That song has so much different things in it. I love how hooky the chorus is and how funny the raps are. It’s just about rude people in retail who assume they know you or that they could talk to you any type of way. I’ve had that freaking experience so many times. Like dude! I just be trying to chill. The episode idea just comes from chats with my brothers Xeon Qu’Ran & Dante( P1ayrr). We’re always trying to do different things. We don’t operate like other people. It’s always about energy with us, so they aren’t albums they’re connected episodes I guess.

If you could share the stage with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

Honestly Ye! I would love to be a part of his like crazy album rollouts and sleep in stadiums getting yelled at by him. Sign me the freak up! Yesterday

What can fans expect from you in the next year? Any new music or upcoming shows?

Ummm…never expect with me. I operate on God’s timing honestly. Plans rarely go accordingly, I like it like that. Whether I like it or not I’m a pretty scattered creative. I intend on all of it though.

What are you other passions besides music?

Honestly nothing.Everything I am truly passionate about is so far below.Except God,God is what I need to devote more time to.I have hobbies and interests though like Sonic. The Hedgehog,WWE/AEW,Pixar,Super Mario ,basketball, conspiracy theories,and stuff like that

Anything else you’d like to share?

Nope. But hey to my girlfriends Maytee & my dog Charlie!


Check out Ramora’s tunes at:–the-long-storyshort?fbclid=PAAabkn77T7-FcQ7k1K0K3EFvmNqWXYLzYZpiiPiN7nDgJr_SdZXXZce3ZIoA_aem_th_AXbKj_7mEaomfonAbfNh1ij57bk0kEbXV7HmlgmlMvcrHWUowkzX3xNKx7seKVM1gYo

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