On the fence? Have questions? Check our FAQ below for quick answers –

Can I still use my team?

You bet you can. We provide our services on an “as needed” basis, so if you have a team that is working for you, we will work with them to leverage all of our skills and experience.

Do I keep the rights to my songs?

Absolutely! We work out a percentage of royalties, or a set fee for our services, but you keep your songs. They are your hard work, after all.

Do you provide monetary advances for recording or touring?

Depending on your needs and our consultation with you, we do offer some advances to help get the artist started and we can work on funding or other opportunities.

Will I win a Grammy?

We will do our best to get you out there and in front of the world. We will submit you to the Academy of Recording Arts and, like all artists, we will cross our fingers.